Welcome to The Alaska Optometric Association

For over 20 years, the Alaska Optometric Association has been dedicated to improving and enhancing the vision care and public health in the state of Alaska. It has been the goal of the AKOA to unceasingly elevate the standard and ethics of the profession of optometry and to ensure that those who have earned the title of Doctor of Optometry are able to practice their profession in Alaska to the fullest extent possible.

Mission: The mission of the AKOA is to influence the future of eye care by ensuring the welfare of Alaskans and promoting the continued development of the profession of optometry.

Vision: As the professional association of the State of Alaska's optometric physicians, the Alaska Optometric Association is the acknowledged leader and recognized authority for primary eye and vision care in Alaska.

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Consider these tips for continued success co-managing patients with other eye care professionals.

Eye and the storms

Jun 08, 2023
Extreme weather changes due to climate change can affect eye health. Here’s how doctors of optometry can prepare.
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